Luis Garcia on Making Virtual Reality More Accessible

Luis Garcia on Making Virtual Reality More Accessible

On this episode of Time Hacks, we dive into the world of Luis Garcia, a fractional executive and founder of Collectiva. Luis shares his journey from a successful career at Full Sail University to pursuing his goals of creating his own organization and working in technology.

We explore Luis's work as a fractional executive, partnering with tech startups to tackle various problems that they may not have the time or experience to handle. Most of his clients are software developers working on SaaS products using gaming technologies. We also delve into Luis's expertise in VR, where he believes that current predictions of mass adoption are too optimistic. He discusses a new technology that takes a different approach to VR by enhancing the user's surroundings, leading to a more immersive experience and potential for wider adoption.

Luis also shares their time management strategies and productivity hacks. He emphasizes the importance of planning, from yearly goal setting to quarterly milestones, and weekly staff meetings. He even involves his co-founder and spouse in their weekly planning meetings to ensure alignment. We also discover Luis's routine of writing a letter to himself, reflecting on the past year, and setting goals for the next.

In addition to his professional life, Luis discusses his personal routines and habits. We learn about his morning routine, from waking up at 6:15 am to enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the news. He shares how running becomes a time for deep thinking, listening to podcasts, and finding inspiration.

Join us on this episode of Time Hacks as we explore Luis Garcia's journey, from fractional executive to VR enthusiast, and uncover his time management strategies and productivity hacks.