Gregg Pollack on Coding to Professional Cuddling

Gregg Pollack on Coding to Professional Cuddling

In this episode of Time Hacks, join host Jacques as he interviews Gregg Pollack, a successful entrepreneur turned psychology enthusiast and professional cuddlist.

Gregg founded several companies, helping to launch the startup community in Orlando and leading into his journey into psychology. Code School which was acquired by Pluralsight for $36 million, Envy which builds web applications, and Starter Studio which is Orlando’s first tech business accelerator.

Gregg shares his story of personal growth and self-discovery, from building companies to delving into the world of psychology and unlearning societal conditioning.

Throughout the conversation, Gregg emphasizes the importance of attending workshops and therapy sessions to facilitate personal growth. Gregg also shares his insights on healing childhood trauma, understanding the brain's mechanisms, and building loving relationships by acknowledging and expressing emotions authentically.