Battling your fear of missing notifications

Battling your fear of missing notifications


Today, we're going to be talking about the fear of missing notifications. It's a lot like the fear of missing out but translated into your digital world.
So this really comes from the fear of missing out, which I think is the source of all of this. The fear of missing out on events and information that you think will make your life better creates this anxiety that compels you to want to participate more and more, whether that's, you know, making sure you're being invited to parties or that you're on top of all the latest gossip and this sort of translates into the digital world. 

The insidious thing that happens on your phone is that you get sucked into these other sorts of time-consuming things. And these apps are really just designed to soak up all of the time, the spare time that you have. So of many of the topics of this podcast, this is probably one of the most critical; it has had a huge impact on me really understanding this. 

You know, the bottom line here is don't let your FOMO turn into FOMN. And that doesn't roll off the tongue. Your notifications are really not that important. Now it could be FOMO that's causing you to pick up that phone every time there's a notification; obviously, it's the notification itself that triggers that in the first place.